Dinae Fobish, LPC is a licensed professional counselor skilled and trained in mood disorders, addiction, alcoholism, and complex trauma. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and continued her studies in graduate school focusing on counseling education with an emphasis in family and marriage at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Dinae has been serving the community since 2011 working with individuals and families recovering from catastrophic events and learning to cope with the distress associated with mental health, addiction, and trauma. During this time, she has mastered the art of facilitating growth and necessary adjustments for lifestyle changes associated with mental health and addiction issues. Her work experience began at a mental health agency and crisis hotline for suicide serving adults, young adults, combat vets, and elderly who struggled with suicidal ideations, trauma, grief, and loss. Dinae provided clinical support with the use of case management, diagnostic assessments, treatment planning, individual therapy, group therapy, crisis intervention, and coordination of resources. This LPC has worked alongside other providers for an insurance company growing her knowledge in insurance reimbursement and coverage plans for mental and behavioral health.

Dinae continued her work experience relocating to Northern Virginia in 2017. This clinician worked to provide therapeutic support at an intensive outpatient program for addictions where individual, group, couples, and family therapy was provided in addition to assessing, treatment planning, and screening mental health issues, challenging recovery. This experience has allowed this LPC to engage in the community by providing psychoeducation through presentations. This LPC grew a desire and experience aiding other clinicians by providing supervision for obtaining licensure. As a result, she is also approved by the board of VA to supervise residents in pursuit of LPC and LMFT.

Her passion for aiding recovery from the impacts of mental health conditions, addiction, and trauma and has facilitated an interest into neurofeedback. In my years of experience, I have found that for some of us, psychotherapy is not enough for us to make change and enhance how we feel from day to day. As a result, I am studying to become a board-certified neurofeedback technician to enhance my practice of psychotherapy. For those of us who need a little more support and desire to avoid adding medication, I will provide neurofeedback to obtain results physically, mentally, and emotionally. While certification is not required to practice, I believe in evidenced based practices supported by research to provide the best care. Becoming certified will ensure that I am able to provide a service according to the latest research.

I love to cook because, I love to eat. Born into a family of southerners, relationships and food was ingrained during my upbringing. As a result, I love spending time with people I care about and sharing a good meal. I also enjoy the outdoors and being physically active. As a result, I enjoy exercise, hiking, gardening, and exploring things that peak my interests according to my spontaneous mood or inspiration. As one who enjoys learning and evolving, I am known to be reading a couple of books at one time. Yes! Chaos. I seem to invite chaos from time to time, so being intentional with my structure, relaxation, and focusing on one thing at a time is a common practice I strive to perfect.

I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

Individual Therapy

A collaborative process of establishing goals to inspire change and improve quality of life.

Couples Therapy

Psychotherapy to support improvement around your relationship and presenting challenges.

Group Therapy

Psychotherapy involving multiple clients gathered to address similar issues and challenges impacting one’s daily life.

“Since I started seeing Dinae, she has given me the tools to help shift my thinking to help combat my anxiety and depression. I really thank her for her compassion, empathy, and humor for helping me through my struggles.”

Jessie, age 32

“Working with a therapist is always helpful and working with the right therapist can be truly lifechanging. Dinae listened to what I had to say, and she worked very hard to understand where I was coming from. She pushed me when I needed it and afforded me a completely safe space to share openly and honestly. My life has improved immensely and working with Dinae has been a big part of that!”

Samuel, age 47

“Dinae is absolutely, amazing at what she does. She’s non-judgmental, she’s attentive and someone I can trust. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me heal and grow and support me on this journey.”

Carmen, age 24

"After my first session with Dinae, I felt instant relief. This is the first time I can say that about a therapist. I've tried therapy before, but I did not feel a connection with the therapist, nor did I feel like the therapist really understood me. I've been working with Dinae for almost a year now, and it is hard to put into words how much she has helped me. From that very first session, I could tell she was someone I could work with. She takes the time to understand where I'm coming from in a non-judgmental matter and validates all of my emotions. She has been able to make sense of what goes on in my head and explain it to me in such a way to the point where I can make sense of my emotions and why I feel the way I do. She has encouraged me to become the best version of myself by diving into various issues such as my upbringing as a child, past substance abuse, relationship patterns, and mental health problems and have been given the tools to overcome all of those adversities by working with her. I highly recommend Dinae if any of this is relatable to you."

Rob, age 30

“Dinae has been instrumental in my recovery from alcoholism. I was in the darkest time of my life when I started with Dinae. Now I have over two years of sobriety. My sessions with Dinae have supported me, challenged me and strengthened me to the point that I am now confident in my choices and proud of my accomplishments. I have met with numerous therapists during my struggle with alcoholism. None of them have connected with me nor gained the respect that Dinae has achieved. The therapy world is brighter with her in it!”

Leslie, age 44